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Online Dictionary: English - Tagalog Refresher

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Friday, May 06, 2005

" Family " Words - Mga Salitang Gamit Sa Pamilya

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Family - Pamilya

Spouse - Asawa

Husband - Asawang Lalaki

Wife - SAwang Babae

Children - Mga Anak

Child - Anak

Daughter - Anak na babae

Son - Anak na lalaki

Sister/sisters - kapatid na babae / mga kapatid na babae

brother/brothers - kapatid na lalaki / mga kapatid na lalaki

Cousin/cousins - pinsan / mga pinsan

Uncle - tiyo .... Aunt - tiya

Niece - Pamangkin na babae

nephew - pamangkin na lalaki

eldest brother/siter - nakakatandang kapatid na lalaki/babae

youngest - nakakabatang kapatid na babae/lalaki


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